How to avoid becoming a traveller cliché

Are you interested in travel but tired of hearing how breathtaking or life-changing it is? Would you rather get the unhyped take on world exploration?

My blog aims to promote challenging adventures and undervalued destinations while addressing common travel misconceptions and pretentious buzzwords. It’s all about having guilt-free fun.

“Living my best life as a zero-waste, minimalist, authentic, eco-friendly traveller in 2021”

Olivia, from London, lying on a small bunk bed in Thailand with diarrhoea

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Why do plot writers rely on your lack of geography knowledge?

The real reason producers make up countries that end in -stan Urzikstan hasn’t had it easy. The country endured 20 brutal years of Russian occupation between 1999 and 2019, and its cities are scarred with terrifying reminders of a long-running conflict between insurgent factions. Urzikstan also doesn’t exist; not outside the fictional setting of CallContinue reading “Why do plot writers rely on your lack of geography knowledge?”

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