Identifying as a “traveller” does not make you superior

The comparison between travellers and tourists smacks of snobbery “The Traveller sees what he sees; the Tourist sees what he has come to see” is one of the most tedious inspirational quotes. Wannabe vagabonds come out with this adapted passage from G.K. Chesterton’s autobiography like a call to arms. “Why would you want to beContinue reading “Identifying as a “traveller” does not make you superior”

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Why no one really knows what ‘authentic’ travel is

We should not feel guilty for being typical tourists I recently realised that I always hear variations of the same complaint when I meet people somewhere exotic. “It’s too touristy here”, bemoans the Dutch backpacker, latte in hand. “It’s so fake.” “This is definitely not authentic”. I had this very conversation in Luang Prabang, aContinue reading “Why no one really knows what ‘authentic’ travel is”